Friday, January 1, 2016

So.... here we are.... It's 2016!

And, I've already accomplished some (SERIOUS) procrastination!  And, we already know, when I do things.... I do them hard. 

SO, that's why I'm not gonna shame myself into waiting another minute.  I will start this new year with a post on my old (neglected) blog.  I do not have to have my next (new) big thing ready and waiting.... 

I can handle the space . . . .  between  . . . .   
now . . . .   

I can handle the quiet. 
The waiting. 

I don't have to let fear paralyze me before I get my foot out the door.  

I can utilize each moment.  
The chaotic.
The calm.

I do not believe fear is overrated.  
Fear saved my life many times.
Fight and flight .... each in several ways.
(I know those responses will go off without a hitch when needed.)

Today, I'm gonna go out on a limb.
Today, I'm gonna go far out man
Today, I'm sharing with you, what I'm aiming for....

January 1, 2016

I am setting a goal.... two actually!!!!  

1.   I will publish a book in 2016.   (I'm working on several things.... SOMETHING will be in print in time for Christmas gifting 2016.)  

2.   The next New Year's Eve that comes around.... I will be preforming for the public.... on purpose! (Still overcoming some incredibly ginormously uncomfortable stage fright.... AND working on writing some songs!) 

So, there it is.  It looks really crazy.... And, I guess it is.  
I am just trying to aim all that crazy in the right direction.  
I am learning how to make my "crazy" work for me.  
I've got lots to share!

Happy New Year!  That last one was sumthin else!  Wasn't it?  

Leslie Cooper ~ Your Favorite Oxymoron

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