Home Is Where MY Heart Is

A tidbit about me?

Three words can sum up what I need to remember in order to LIVE a life WORTH living. They are...

DRAW~ draw pictures, draw to express my emotions, draw to distract and immerse myself in something good, draw when words don't work, draw ON my God, draw ON friends and family, draw ON experience... my experience and that of others

FARM~ grow something from nothing, cultivate, fertilize, reap what I sew, spend time in the sunshine and the rain, spend time with animals and let them teach me what they know, spend time exploring nature, experience life, build things, build relationships, work with others for a common goal, deal with the unexpected, problem solve

SPIN~ spin yarn on a wheel or spindle, spin A yarn (a.k.a. tell a story ~ tell MY story), spin like a child free from worry, spin till I'm dizzy sometimes... and laugh when I fall down, try new things... they may change your life!

These things allow me to really and truly LIVE.


I hope you enjoy this blog as it is a little slice of my life. I hope you are encouraged and validated and maybe even enlightened. And, I hope you attempt some living yourself.

Much love,
Your (very) Favorite Oxymoron,
Leslie Cooper

Home is where MY heart is... so, I take you with me everywhere I go.