Monday, January 28, 2013

It works I tell ya!

Just a quick note since I spent my allotted blog time setting up the ? and comment sections today. I do invite you to use them. For whatever. If you have a personal question for me... give it a shot. I may or may not be willing to tell you. But, if you just have a question about life or bugs or something I'll give you what I've got. No doubt about it!

I want to say thanks to all my friends and family around who are already hittin' the site up! I've got lots and lots of big stuff to come. I'm pretty sure that I couldn't be more excited...

Oh, and you know what?!?!? I slept last night! All through it! Like a baby. Woke up with my eyelashes bent all awkward again. (I hate that!) BUT, my point being that it was Sunday night (the night I stay awake fretting all night) and I feel like I'm running out of time. But, I put my life away last night. I stopped to take care of myself. I literally turned the volume in my mind down. The "noise" still there but faint. Kinda like when you hear the lawn mower outside your window. My mind created its own personal white noise machine. Ha.

Sleep has always been important in my life. Sometimes too important. Sometimes an escape. At times I've also run from sleep. I somehow came up with the idea that if I stopped I was quitting. And sleeping is definitely slowing down if not stopping... And, the act of sleep is leaving myself very vulnerable to outside and inside elements.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to share my itty bitty success with you. I was feeling burdened and I was pushing myself too hard and then I had a chance to do some Opposite Action and I came out a winner! Ahhh... I'm about to win again here pretty soon.

Alrighty then, my eyes are pretty much closed already and this computer, Before I turn into a donkey at midnight. And... that last part is what happens when I am so tired I am delirious... I thought it was too funny to delete though! hahaha! Oh yeah and "quick note" my butt! I wonder if I will ever do anything quickly? :-P


Your Favorite Oxymoron!

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