Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Post-haste and the nature of being me.... I'm on a roll!

So, I just spent a long time (longer than you would dare to imagine.... i promise.) working on this blog post. *more than once 😏

And, fumble.... it is gone. 
And, OUCH it stabs so sharply through this heart of mine.... 
Then I remember.  
I can just write a new one. 

So, here I am.... writing anew.

Now I'll tell you a tidbit about what I've been up to!

I am writing ~full time~ these days.  
And, as it turns out.... I am in better physical shape than I was when I was farming full time!

It's true.  I sometimes wear kneepads when I go out writing....  I'm not as young as I used to be.  (wink)

No, really, I do.  
I've got all sorts of unusual practices intertwined with my writing. 
I keep trying to explain though....  
This life I am building ~ My very own LIFE WORTH LIVING ~ is seeking health and happiness.  
And, finding the best (most effective) ways of living.  

In my world.... almost NOTHING about the traditional way of writing sounds good to me!
~sitting in one spot ~inside ~hunched over a computer or notebook ~while my whole body screams in revolt....  

No thank you!  
I am seeking a life where I can live comfortably.  
I am so over torture! 

Also, I am feeling really positive about the projects I've been working on.... I think I am really close to some next (real) big steps!

Now, my living situation.... Many are curious.  Many have questions.  
Where are you living now?  How long will you be there?  Where will you go next?

Great questions!  I have no precise answers.  Sorry.  

I have this great new truck (thanks pops! he gave me his "old" truck)!!!!  
And, I've discovered a real need to drive and diversify.  
So, all those folks who have said they would LOVE for me to come visit????  
Guess who would LOVE to take you up on that offer!  

I am also available for house sitting/pet sitting.  AND, I've got references. 

I've been told.... I am pretty good at "holding couches down" for the night!  Or even the occasional afternoon.  

So, I hope to visit lots of friends in the next little while....  
I do not want to intrude or impose my life on anyone. 
I'm just trying to keep things moving.... in any direction! 
Keep those wheels turning.... 

In just 1 week (last week) in 2 different cities ~ I tried 3 wheels ~ 2 times!!!!
It is not as easy as it used to be....
You can just ask my face. 
A couple of my exciting projects include....  
Finishing up my "big" book. 
Working on some songwriting and singing.... and overcoming some terrific stage fright.

Shorter and more frequent posts to come.... That what I'm gonna try this month.

Have a happy day!
❤️Les ~ Your Favorite Oxymoron