Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May is Mental Health Awareness month!

May is Mental Health Awareness month!  

And I think it's apropos....

Because it was this very month 

i can say with pride and satisfaction that 
i saught Mental HEALTH....
and then i caught it.... that son of a gun. 

And now ~this month of May ~2016
~ living at home w/ my parents again..... 
~working for my dad again.....
~in some (minor) debt again.....
I've got nuthin really to show for anything!
Nothing tangible or of much "monetary worth" ... I own nothing. 

But, after SO MANY YEARS
~ thousands of hours and probably ~MILLIONS of dollars!!!!
~on therapy and the other fun and costly accessories of .... what do we call it now?   MENTAL iLLNESS.  (I've been pretty busy the past several years...😏)

~ i completed something HUGE!!!
~ i have learned how to be 
~at home with ~ mySelf.  
(And I've discovered some pretty cool things about me ~while I was at it. 🙀)
Wow!  What a month!  What a life....

Happy Mental Health Awareness month to me!  And, if you can't say the same.... Know you ARE NOT ALONE! And there is sooooo much to hope for.

So.... Keep an out! 😜i got some good stuff up my sleeve....  Who NOSE 👃🏼 what's next?!?!?!?!  

Comfort and joy~
Your Favorite Oxymoron  

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